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AFRINIC membership and resources related billing FAQs.


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FAQs - Billing

AFRINIC membership and resources related billing FAQs.

The login credentials should exist as billing contact for that organisation on myAFRINIC.

Here is how you can proceed:-

  1. Log in on
  2. Click on Billing >pay Bill Online
  3. Fill in the required detail and submit

AFRINIC accepts payments of fees from members either by bank transfer or via Credit Card through our portal, MyAFRINIC.

Annual membership renewal invoices are sent to all the members registered contact primarily by email. At the same time members are notified that they may also download a copy of their invoices by logging in on MyAFRINIC portal.

The Annual membership renewal fee invoices for LIR are issued and sent to members on or before 1st December. A copy shall at the same time be posted on the individual members account on the MyAFRINIC portal. The invoice shall cover membership fees for the next calendar year; unless a shorter period has been requested and approved.

AFRINIC fee structure provides that for NEW members joining in the middle of the calendar year, membership fees shall be applied on a pro rata basis as per the attached table:


Quarter Months % Annual Fees
1 Jan - Mar 100%
2 Apr - Jun 75%
3 Jul - Sept 50%
4 Oct - Dec 25%

The pro rata applies to membership fees ONLY and not the Initial Setup Fees. Please contact the AFRINIC Billing Team ( if in need of any clarifications.

A new LIR Member will be charged with a One-time Initial Setup Fee and the membership fee applicable for the category in which the new member has been classified. Annually the member will be charged a membership fee only which covers a calendar year.

A new End-Site Member will be charged with an assignment fee applicable for the category in which the assignment has been classified and the corresponding membership fee. Annually the member will be charged an End-Site membership fee renewed at each the anniversary date.

AFRINIC offers a 5% early settlement discount to all LIR members who settle their annual membership renewal fee on or before 31st December of the year preceding the membership year.

 Early settlement Discount is not applicable to New Members. 

All fee invoices are due upon receipt of the invoice from AFRINIC or within 30 days from the date of the invoice.